Instructor’s training



  • Three years of practice of yoga according to the Iyengar® method,
  • Participation in 3 courses per week and personal practice at least twice a week are strongly recommended,
  • The teacher will judge if the practice of the student enables him to follow a teacher’s training course.
  • Chiefly, this training requires an important and steady personal commitment.

The training of teachers is managed by an authorized teacher and member of the AFYI, in a private frame only (that is the trainings are not given by the AFYI, nor by the AFYI, which communicates the name of the competent fully qualified teachers). Any Iyengar® teacher managing training sessions concentrates on three essential aspects:

  • The personal practice and the teaching of postures
  • The learning of the subtle adjustments
  • The use of accessories of help in the postures and the understanding of some specific problems.

On the other hand, the obtaining of the certificate depends on the AFYI, by means of its Technical Committee of Teaching. From the end of the first year of training, the student can take an examination to obtain his/her basic certificate I. Between 6 months and 2 years of practice are then necessary before being able to take the examination of the certificate of Base II. Only the obtaining of this certificate gives the right to teach under the name of Iyengar® and to be considered as a teacher recognized within Iyengar® associations in the world. The examinations are necessarily taken in the country of residence (except for the student teachers living in a country where there is no C.T.T.). Certificates are valid all over the world. The candidates can appear at an examination without having followed a training. However, a letter of recommendation from a teacher of level Junior II at least will be required, as for the other candidates, before the passage of examination.

Teacher training and deepening cycle

Pre-training/Base1/base2 cycle : theoretical and practical teaching of asana and basic pranayama according to BKS Iyengar® school for those who wish to learn teaching or to deepen their knowledge and practice of yoga for their personal research. The first year of pre-training comprises 5 weekends. It covers a training program to upgrade the deepening of practice, and is concluded by a level test to continue the training. The following two years of training will take place over 8 weekends from October through June, plus a summer training week.

Junior 1 cycle : Base2 level required.

Schedules : One weekend per month, Saturday from 2 to 5 pm, Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm

Study program

  • Series of personal training : develop self-discipline to practice regularly and independently.
  • Series of asanas for beginners and progression : acquire an understanding of the links and relationship between the asanas.
  • Educational sheets for teaching : acquire a good understanding of the asanas, good presentation and a sense of proper alignment.
  • In depth technical sheets for some key asanas : integrate the meaning of Iyengar® teaching.
  • Anatomy (osteology, arthrology, myology), physiology: to acquire a basic understanding of practical anatomy and physiology in relation to asanas.
  • Philosophy : study of Yoga Sutras, and Bhagavad Gîta : acquire a basic understanding of yoga philosophy.
  • Complementary study of asanas with props : learn the proper use of props.
  • Study of therapeutic cases (shoulder, neck, back, knee, hypertension…).
  • Pregnant woman practice.
  • Practice during menstruation.
  • Practice during menopause.
  • Restorative practice.

Learning objective
Be able to give a beginer’s course by learning to :

  • The principles of demonstration.
  • The principles of education.
  • The principles of observation.
  • The principles of correction.


  • A disciplined and regular practice is necessary.
  • Basic equipment needed for training : 3 blankets, 2 belts*, 2 wood bricks* and a bandage* (* available at the center).
  • Reading the main books by BKS Iyengar® and Geeta Iyengar® - refar to the "Who is B.K.S. Iyengar®?" tab on this site.
  • Take at least two classes per week, on a regular basis.
  • Assist a certified teacher once a week during the second training year.


  • Be a member of the A.F.Y.I. (Association Française de Yoga Iyengar®).
  • It shall be possible to take an exam to obtain the base 1 certificate at the end of the first year of training end 2016(*). This certificate does not entitle to use the Iyengar® logo.
  • It shall be possible to take an exam to obtain the base 2 certificate at the end of the second year of training end 2017(*). This certificate does entitle to use the Iyengar® logo.
  • These certificates are established by the A.F.Y.I., and certified by the Ramamani Iyengar® Memorial Institute of Pune and B.K.S. Iyengar®. They have internationnal validity, aknowledged by all official national Iyengar® Yoga associations.

(*) Depending on the teacher’s evaluation of the student, and on the student’s ability.

The candidate’s commitment is about a full year and is renewable after the summer training session each year. Summer training sessions are not included.

5 sessions €750 payable in 3 installments of €250

Base1 & Base2 Training
1st year : 8 sessions €1200 payable in 3 installments of €400
2nd year : 8 sessions €1200 payable in 3 installments of €400

Junior 1 Training
4 sessions €600 payable in 2 installments of €300

Practical organisation

  • Accomodation for weekends is not included.
  • Bring your meal for Sunday lunch.