The practice of yoga during pregnancy is adapted to this phase for the woman, and takes into account her specific needs. It is mainly centred on:

  • The opening of the pelvis
  • The relaxation of the abdominal region
  • The development of the strength of the back
  • The opening of the rib cage

The physiological effects are multiple and beneficial for the future mother as for the development of the baby :

  • Evolution of the breath
  • Increase of blood oxygenation
  • Hormonal balance

A regular practice allows engagement in a profound dialogue with oneself for self-learning, self-understanding, to cultivate an internal stability, to develop self-confidence, to approach the term with serenity. It can help diminish :

  • Tiredness
  • Emotional states
  • Fear, apprehension, anxiety and stress
  • Premature contractions

The difficulties confronted provide an opportunity to modify what hinders feminine self-fulfillment.