The philosophy that Indian metaphysics teaches us is that the human soul does not have the same nature as the mind: suffering, pleasure, success, failure concern the mind but not the soul. In the practice of yoga, the mind is a tool which we learn to use to reveal the soul. To begin a session of yoga translates into making an inventory of oneself: what are our possibilities and our limits, with respect both to postures and to our capacity to concentrate and agree to engage ourselves in the present action.

Every posture is a building block of what is necessary to learn and understand the precise architecture of the body. The mind disciplines itself by engaging in a search for self-correction, to bring forth what is suppressed, to strengthen what is weak, to align what is misaligned, to open what is withdrawn.

The facing of difficulties, including failure of concentration, serves as a springboard for a more precise, finer understanding of what we are beyond our dual nature